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intellectual property

IP Evaluation and Strategic IP Counseling

TMLG will review all your intellectual property assets and develop a thorough and comprehensive legal opinion outlining strengths and weaknesses, competitive industry position, best forms of protection, work around strategies and licensing opportunities.  Our Strategic Counseling and Planning assist clients' on the implementation of an overall strategy to protect all of their intellectual property rights.  Although, we do not do patent prosecution, we help our clients protect their rights using various methods from copyright, trademark and trade dress, trade secret, non-disclosure agreements, various pre-trial litigation strategies and enacting lawsuits.  Once properly protected, TMLG can assists in portfolio development and licensing of your intellectual property rights.


At TMLG, we advise clients on the protection, licensing and enforcement of their copyrightable works.  We advise clients on developments in U.S. and international copyright law and consistently update both our IP and entertainment clients on ways to exploit and enforce their rights.


TMLG is keenly aware that today’s internet based international-commerce requires a steadfast protection of our clients' trademarks.  Our services include clearance and registration, searches, answering trademark opposition, cancellation or other TTAB actions and the licensing of our clients' marks. We also counsel our small business clients on the development and proper use of trademarks and domain names, as well as the continual enforcement and protection of their marks.

IP Enforcement, Policing and Litigation

TMLG provides added value to our clients by successfully enforcing and defending their intellectual property assets through litigation and alternative dispute resolution.  We provide a monitoring service to track all of your assets because we are aware that most businesses and individuals do not have the time to search the world for conflicting applications and potentially infringing activities. 


Commercial/General Practice

TMLG provides general practice/corporate legal needs beyond our concentration of IP and Entertainment law.  We provide business formation, contract dispute, franchise, commercial lease and other general practice services.

Government Relations/Disaster Assistance

We are committed to helping survivors of natural or man-made disaster recovery.  We provided federal disaster assistance case management to help survivors navigate the complex array of agencies and programs that offer assistance, as well as draft appeals to help survivors recover all that they are entitled.

Practice Areas


Serving Artists, Entertainers and Innovators.

commercial and general

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TMLG represents clients in all realms of the music business.  We draft and negotiate record, publishing, producer, distribution, touring, merchandising, licensing, guest artist and digital content agreements.  We counsel artists on business and legal issues in the music industry and help cultivate and implement artists strategic plans.

TV & Film

TMLG represents clients in negotiation of reality participation, screen writer, option, production and various other TV and film agreements.


We have represented clients in traditional and new media publishing.  We negotiate and draft literary publishing, independent financing, option and distribution agreements.

Talent and Branding

TMLG provides advice and counsel for creative talent regarding engagement contracts and their intellectual property rights concerning the exploitation of their names and likenesses.  We also assist in the development of our clients’ brands by properly protecting and planning for marketing them for production integration and sponsorship deals.